Drainage and sewerage services

We cannot speak about comfort, not even about decent living standards in the absence of what is called "the best branch of civil engineering", namely the work below the surface.

Design and installation of drainage and sewerage systems are essential components of this work being an integral part of the built environment project. The quality of these systems has impact on the life cycle of structures, efficient employment of resources, people’s life and prospects.

Cris-Crisco has the experience to manage the challenges and constraints of each particular sewerage and drainage project offering effective customized solutions.

Demolition services

Returning an industrial or commercial site of any kind into a status which allows construction of structures endowed with new functionalities is an elaborate and environmental sensitive task.

Cris-Crisco undertake demolish services, succeeding to maximize the amount of materials that can be recycled and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill sites.

Development and infrastructure services

Nowadays, one of the biggest problems of the urban landscape is on parking – its structural design, functionality, facilities and aesthetics.

Cris-Crisco solutions meet some fundamental requirements: optimize the site for vehicle and pedestrian circulation, build solid and cost-effective structures, offer high quality finishes.